Reproduction Munition Armour 

Choose any medieval manuscript with pictures and what do you see? Knights clad in extravagant armour, adorning colourful livery and undertaking heroic acts, usually alone. 

History is written by the victors but also by those who can afford to have it written. An army doesn't consist solely of the privileged and wealthy but also includes the countless common soldiers, labourers, and individuals from all walks of life who make up the backbone of any society. The vivid illustrations within medieval manuscripts and renaissance paintings depict the grandeur of the elite, but they often overlook the vast majority who toiled to support their endeavours.

The advances in metalwork from the 14th century onward saw plate armour become more accessible to lower ranks. By the 16th century, common soldiery could often be found in plate half-armour issued to them. This became known as 'munition armour' or 'munitions grade'. It might not have been as ornate as their knightly superiors' but it played an essential role in safeguarding their lives during the chaos of battle.

At Artos Munitorum , we work with experienced armourers to provide historically-accurate and affordable reproduction munition armour. We draw inspiration from a variety of sources, including surviving examples, to inform our designs. Every piece we sell is based on either an extant piece or at least two manuscripts and/or effigies.

Each set is composed of pieces from the same era, often part of full surviving sets. Just because it was available to the masses over 500 years ago doesn't mean we shouldn't give it the same attention to detail as one would to a full plate harness. You'll see that in our surface finishes, proportions and even our buckles. 

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a reenactor, or a collector, our armour provides an opportunity for you to own and enjoy the armour that defined the warfare of the medieval and renaissance era without the financial barriers typically associated with handmade armours. 

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